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Monitor IT environment with JMJ Valvonta

JMJ Valvonta is a monitoring service that can be used to monitor large number of different types of hardware, services and other systems. It works directly on the most common active devices and servers on the network. JMJ Valvonta detects if the server hard disk is about to break, disk failures or malfunctions in the server room cooling system. It alerts you so the problem can be solved before serious consequences.

JMJ Valvonta can monitor:

  • Database services and connections
  • Routers, switches, access points
  • Operations of backup services
  • Servers and disk systems
  • IoT systems
  • Operation of ventilation systems
  • Surveillance camera operation, door, window and motion alarms

Advanced log management with JMJ Lokivahti

JMJ Lokivahti meets all the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), where data protection must extend to the organization’s business processes, data networks and applications. The GDPR also includes an obligation to report security breaches.

JMJ Lokivahti allows you to monitor:

  • Who opens, shares and saves files, when and where
  • Whose credentials are used trying to log in to the servers, when and from where
  • Attempts to infiltrate the company’s network and system, when and from where
  • How many virus alerts have alarmed and from which devices

Secured datacenter

Keep your critical data safe in our guarded data center, located in Finland. Our security systems ensures that unauthorized persons do not have access to the center. We ensure uninterrupted continuity of your business by monitoring of data center environment 24/7/365.

Rent high-quality and secure data center from us!

IT Consulting

Our highly trained staff can help you in the entire ICT field. Our certifications cover most products from software to hardware vendors, from virtualizations to firewalls.

Whether it’s building and deploying networks, SharePoint or cybersecurity consultation, we will take care of you! Contact us and let’s arrange online meeting.

Cybersecurity solutions

Malware steals important information without you noticing. There are many risks to the security of companies and public administrations. It takes an average of more than 200 days to detect a breach that has already taken place. Prevent serious security breaches and learn about our solutions.

We are partners with world known cybersecurity leaders SonicWall and F-Secure.

Microsoft Office 365 & Azure

The latest Microsoft Office 365 programs, including Teams up to five of your devices with automatic updates.

Azure public cloud solutions for your company. Azure allows businesses to deploy, build and manage applications on massive, global network, using your favourite frameworks and tools. Contact us and our Azure experts will provide you a quote.

Hardware and software for business use

Computer for office or laptop on the go, docks, software, info screens. With unified hardware and software configuration the commissioning of new equipment is quick, easy and there is no tricky system to maintain. We install everything for you, ready to use.